Abba's Heart - Zambia


Heart of the Bride is privileged to partner with Abba’s Heart Ministries of Zambia for the comprehensive care and discipleship of orphans and street kids in a country that is overwhelmed with children in need.

Abba’s Heart is a Zambian based ministry led by long term Heart of Bride missionaries, Bob and Candace Walker. They currently serve with a team of eight full-time HOB missionaries and a committed and growing Zambian ministry staff.

The Walkers began pioneer work with street kids upon arrival in Zambia six years ago. Through their ministry as Heart of the Bride missionaries, they have been able to see many boys transformed through Christian discipleship, education, loving nurture, and business training. They have 10 children of their own, but these former street boys also call them “mamma” and “papa.”

Abba’s Heart is a newly established Zambia Organization which will allow the Walkers and many other HOB missionaries to go deeper and farther than ever before in bringing orphans and street kids from a life of hopelessness to a full life in Christ.


Abba's Heart Ongoing Programs for Street Kids


Mayompapa Weekly Day Camp
(every Tuesday)

Daughters of Destiny
(street girls and their babies)

Abba’s Learning Center
(Drop in Center in town)


Abba’s Homes
(school going boys)

Sons of Hur
(transition living for older boys)

(3 year exiting program for Abba’s Boys)



Bob and Candace Walker

Karen van de Voorde

Andrea Burns

Stephanie Barron