Christian Human Care - Haiti


This ministry began a partnership with Heart of the Bride in 2007 to provide the highest standard of secondary education available in Northwest Haiti exclusively to orphaned boys who had no hope of completing their education. The school is situated on a mountain ridge that boasts one of the most amazing views in the country. Currently, the program provides education, discipleship, medical support, and a feeding program to all who have qualified as participants. Many of the boys walk from one to two hours daily (each way) to attend. The campus is filled with hope and many aspire to be teachers, pastors, and engineers.

The school includes an agricultural program that we hope to expand through the addition of a well for irrigation. This component not only provides necessary survival skills for the students, but will also help contribute to the school budget, and provide a feeding assistance program for many of the needy and vulnerable in the community.

The campus is a place where excitement and hope are literally visible. It is truly a light on a hill.


Heart of the Bride began ministry in Northwest Haiti in 2002. After encountering many difficulties and some discouraging losses, it was very appealing to leave. Consistently, HOB leaders who spent time in Haiti felt strongly that God was saying, “stay.” Finally, we recognized that a couple of our translators, who grew up in an orphanage, had a genuine desire and vision to begin a work for orphans. In 2006, we committed to partner with those young men to begin this work. They were not married at the time, and believed that a school to help orphan boys would be the best way to begin. Through the donations of a youth ministry yard sale from a church in Texas, we purchased the original property, and began in 2007 with one class of seventh graders. The school has continued to grow adding a grade each year, and contributors have generously continued to provide funds to expand the facilities and the program.


Human Care School now provides a full secondary education for Grades 7-12 and has become the top-ranked academic school in its region based on performance in nationwide testing! HCS's first class of students have now passed their 12th grade exams and have entered a university prep program called Philo. We are excited about the future of these students and are working to provide university education, career training and business microloans to help them secure a brighter future through The UPWARD Fund.


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