Secondary Education for HOB Kids

Our strategy for ministering to orphans is comprehensive: We are not just building homes and providing food. We are funneling people and resources in a phased approach to assure that each child has an opportunity for development and advancement until they are fully established in life, career and ministry. A key component of our strategy to break the cycle of poverty and build leaders is through education. 

Unlike the US, the developing nations we serve in require students to pay fees to attend school and secondary schooling (similar to US Grade 7-12) costs even more than primary schooling so few children complete their education. Our desire is to see every HOB Kid complete their education at the highest quality school we can support financially — at no cost to them. 

How it Works

HOB and its international partners recognize the life-changing economic opportunities a secondary education will provide HOB Kids. Our mission is to see that every HOB Kid has that opportunity. There are two secondary school options in the places we serve: 1. Government schools that charge a fee for students and 2. Private schools that offer a superior education but cost considerably more than government schools. In order to create self-sufficient adults who can be Christian leaders in their community, HOB's mission is to see them attend private schools. Unfortunately, the cost of secondary education is not part of our monthly budget and we trust God to provide for this important need. 

How you can support child education

HOB must cover the costs of secondary education through gifts and offerings above the monthly budget for each home. In an effort to ensure all HOB Kids have access to a quality secondary education, we have launched The CORE Fund to provide vital support for these unmet monthly commitments.  

If you would like to participate in supporting the education needs of HOB Kids visit our fundraising page for ideas or contact Michael at 850.678.9008 or

NOTE: Fundraising events can be used to fund secondary education at a specific HOB ministry location.

At age eight, Frankie was living on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia. He slept in a sewer where rats would crawl on him as he slept. Today he lives at Abba's Home and attends a government school where he is at the top of his class. Only 8% of Haitians finish school due largely to poverty so the value of the free education at Human Care School is significant. These boys were still studying on their own several hours after school. Many of them walk 2 hours each way to school and it's common to see them gathered under the only street lamp in town doing homework.