Drawings of the completed building.

Eagles Academy Under Construction 

A few years ago, we did a feature on our partner, Monica Muoki, who should be settling into retirement now, but instead is laboring tirelessly to fulfill a dream of leaving a lasting impact for Christ on the children of her village. After years of ministering to the kids and teens of Kithianio, Kenya, she was burdened to open a school knowing that the daily influence through Christ centered education would be the best way to disciple these kids and lead them out of a poverty mindset.

The Eagles Academy was born three years ago in a small facility that HOB remodeled and outfitted, but Monica’s vision has always included a proper facility that could extend through secondary school. She even has dedicated and prayed over her own land for that purpose.  As you can see from the photos, the new Eagles Academy is currently under construction. HOB funding this year has provided for this phase and for an additional phase of equal size!

We can’t wait to see the ways that God uses this facility to build truth, love, and hope into the hearts and lives of the Eagles. The school is growing and many new sponsors are needed in 2020.

Sponsor a child at ECA

$50 a month will sponsor a child.

Child Sponsor Highlight Stories

Imelda, the little kindergarten girl in the middle is snuggling up to her sponsor, Brady. He was able to visit her while on a mission trip with HOB. Imelda is the last of five children in her very poor family.  They live in a mud hut and her mother goes to the river every day to collect water for bathing and cooking.  Without the help this family receives from this ministry, they would not be able to attend school.
This is Dennis, he is a precious first grader.  His father is in jail and his mother does all she can to provide for him and his older brother and sister.  Dennis is a happy boy who loves to attend Eagles Christian Academy.  He has a bright future because of the opportunity to attend such a fine school. The Olson family chose him as one of their sponsor children when the young woman they have sponsored for ten years through HOB, graduated from beauty school and began her career.  Both of these sponsored children know that they are loved and cared for by this family and that has made a huge difference in how they view themselves and their futures.