Our Mission

Our primary mission is to Share From Our Abundance With Those In Greatest Need.

We provide Loving Homes, Education, Discipleship, and Economic Opportunities for over 400 orphans and at-risk children.

• Adoption Aid Grants. • CarePortal. • Haiti. • Kenya. • Zambia. •India

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For HOB, some of our homes have 40 children, but when it can be more intimate, we want to do everything we can to support and encourage that pursuit. In keeping with our overall mission, we are helping families who have already made sacrificial commitments: we are sharing the burden, not taking it. Ultimately God will be the provider to those who are called to adopt. As a ministry that shares His heart for orphans, it is simply our desire and joy to be a part of that work.


CarePortal creates connections within the Circles of Care around the isolated child. Bringing together the family, church and community to create a holistic, healthy approach to caring for kids. Because every child matters. 

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Human Care School (HCS) now provides a full primary and secondary education for grades K-13 and has become the top-ranked academic school in its region based on performance in nationwide testing! Several classes have now graduated from their chosen university programs and have entered the Haitian culture as mature believers in Christ who are trained to live as witnesses for Christ and provide for their families. HCS graduates an average of 20 students per year and HOB works to provide university scholarships, career training, business training, and micro loans for business startups through the Transition Fund.


Monica Muoki has been a partner with Heart of the Bride since 2011 but she has been reaching the children of the poor village of Kithianio, Kenya since 2008 through a weekly community youth ministry. While she has been an instrument in the Lord’s hands to reach hundreds of kids, she also came to realize that they are increasingly exposed to the world’s influences throughout the week in the public school system. While seeking the Lord for an answer to this challenge, He gave her a vision for the Eagles Christian Academy, a kindergarten-12th grade school providing a quality education, biblically based discipleship, regular nutrition, and life training. Following the direction of the Lord, Monica opened the Eagles Christian Academy in 2016 with her own money. Today, the Eagles Christian Academy has 85 students reaching kindergarten through 5th grade. Monica plans to add an additional grade each year until the school provides opportunity all the way to graduation. 

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Street kids in Zambia
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The Walkers began pioneer work with street kids upon arrival in Zambia over 10 years ago. Through their ministry as Heart of the Bride missionaries, they have been able to see many boys and girls transformed through Christian discipleship, education, loving nurture, and business training. They have 11 children of their own, but these former street boys also call them “mamma” and “papa.”



Abba’s Heart is an established Zambia Organization which will allow the Walkers and many other HOB missionaries to go deeper and farther than ever before in bringing orphans and street kids from a life of hopelessness to a full life in Christ. To help support the ongoing ministry, child sponsorship is available.


Children who had no previous education in their family history and no exposure to Christ have become a force of change within a community. They are now excelling in an educational environment that would rival any private school. Not only have their lives been elevated, but their families, and their entire community have been strengthened. New Christ followers are transforming a community that now values education and has genuine hope for breaking what would have seemed to be insurmountable barriers to higher social and economic life; all because of God’s work through Nirikshea.

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