Nirikshea means HOPE, and this school has been providing life transforming hope to hundreds of beautiful, talented, and hardworking children from the slums in India.

Children who had no previous education in their family history and no exposure to Christ have become a force of change within a community. They are now excelling in an educational environment that would rival any private school. Not only have their lives been elevated, but their families, and their entire community have been strengthened. New Christ followers are transforming a community that now values education and has genuine hope for breaking what would have seemed to be insurmountable barriers to higher social and economic life; all because of God’s work through Nirikshea.

The love and Spirit of Christ permeate the campus, and prayer is the heartbeat of the school. It is tangible to those who visit.

Short term team members have opportunities to witness and experience this first hand. HOB teams get to engage in dynamic team ministry to the school staff, the children, their parents, and the community. These visits have been life changing for participants.

Heart of the Bride supports Nirikshea through monthly child sponsorships. You can be a part of the personal journey of a Nirikshea student.

Christ Faith Home

Christ Faith Home for Children (CFHC) began with a vision to help children. They are a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization, registered under the Tamil Nadu State Societies Registration Act 1975. Their services extend to the needy sections of the society, especially destitute children, deserted women, abandoned babies and helpless elderly women. They have been reaching out to the needy. They find their strength and wherewithal to help people in the face of many obstacles and financial challenges to achieve their goals.