We Pray. The Board of Directors, Staff, and Prayer Teams are devoted to prayer.  As a result of prayer and our growing relationships in the mission community, we consistently discover Pastors and Christian leaders in underprivileged countries who are taking initiatives to help the many orphans that surround them.

We Cultivate Relationships with these ministers to establish mutual credibility and trust.  We also develop systems of long term accountability as we help them clarify and achieve a long term vision for orphan ministry.

We Gather Funds to build facilities and send resources.  By example, Heart of the Bride leaders are helping Americans make meaningful investments in this important eternal work.

We Send Workers. Although indigenous leaders initiate and oversee these ministries, we do send workers to help in different aspects of the work.  Our goal is to help lift the arms of those on the frontlines of this difficult ministry. We send qualified help as well as the necessary funds to equip the children for a strong future.

There are 3 pillars of foundational Christian living that govern the strategy of Heart of the Bride:

  1. Making disciples.
  2. Caring for “the least of these.”
  3. Living a lifestyle that affords generous giving to those in need.

The integration of these three biblical priorities is the most distinguishing characteristic of HOB.

Regarding this distinctive, the mission and strategy of HOB teach and promote a lifestyle of Kingdom giving that is aimed at fulfilling both the great commission and the biblical mandate to care for orphans. Intrinsically, our approach to caring for orphans is aimed at building up disciples of Christ and developing Christian leaders. Our strategy is comprehensive: We are not just building homes and providing food. We are funneling people and resources in a phased approach to assure that each child has an opportunity for development and advancement until they are fully established in life, career and ministry. This would ultimately even include funds for microfinance to help break the cycle of unemployment within their economic environment (typically 60% to 80%) or funding for University studies if appropriate.

The HOB team is thankful for the opportunity to devote our lives to a ministry that affords us the potential for such an efficient integration of these significant Biblical priorities.

In regard to orphan ministry specifically, our strategy is also distinctive in ways that contrast other international ministries and organizations providing for orphans:

  1. Our work with orphans is initiated by believers within the international community. It is not dependent upon initiation or sustained leadership from the U.S. church: It is the local (international) church doing the work with help from brothers and sisters in Christ who presently enjoy abundance.(U.S. church)(Through observation and experience, we are strongly convinced that finding a God-called, equipped, and mature international partner is the overarching key to our success in this calling.)
  2. Our relationships are long term with the goal of helping our partners achieve financial independence as it applies to the daily needs of the children.
  3. Our missionaries from the U.S. are commissioned to provide assistance or expertise that is requested from our partners. They are not sent to establish a Westernized approach or govern over our international partners.
  4. Once each home is financially independent, our continued funding will be focused on the resources and programs that help provide the children with adult opportunities to lead, work, and minister. We are committed to follow through by providing people and tools to help them overcome the obstacles that restrict such opportunities in cultures where these are not the common realities.
  5. We stay connected: Heart of the Bride representatives, missionaries, and short term workers are able to observe and participate in ministry at each orphanage site on a consistent, ongoing basis.