Orphan Care

Residential Care

Currently we provide comprehensive care for orphans in Kenya, Zambia, India, and Crimea. In each of those places HOB has provided funding for the construction of homes and provides the financial support for each group home that allow the children to grow up in a safe, loving, Christ honoring environment. The sizes of the homes range from twelve to forty children based on the most effective approach of meeting the needs in each of these frontline locations. Our comprehensive care also provides private education support (as the only viable option) and scholarships for technical training or University studies as the kids are transitioning into adulthood. Throughout their journey, a relationship with Christ is fostered through daily living and through biblical training.

Education and Spiritual Development

Heart of the Bride builds and supports schools for orphans and at risk children in slums and in impoverished communities. Currently we partner with Christian schools in Haiti, India, and Kenya. In each of these environments, orphans and at risk kids are living with relatives but have no possibility of education because of poverty. In many of these places, children begin working at early ages and secondary education is never an option because it costs. Our partnering schools provide academic standards, meals, caring relationships with staff, biblical training and lifestyle discipleship. Most kids get their most nourishing and possibly only meal of the day from our schools. This provision is nurturing, life changing and becomes the path to breaking cycles of economic and spiritual poverty.

Transition Support

Orphans, kids outside of family care, and those on the streets become the most susceptible to suicide, prison, prostitution, addiction, crime and death during young adulthood. This is especially true if they have no tools or support system for the transition into the adult world. Our kids in comprehensive care have family guidance and financial support through their transition years. We offer scholarship programs through our transition fund that provide technical training, university education, life skills, and even business or farming start up according to the ability and vision. In some cases, we have transition homes where exiting residents share part of the expenses and perform the household tasks while completing post secondary education or starting a career. Relational and spiritual support is provided during this period also.

Adoption Family

Foster and Adoptive Care

Heart of the Bride wants to do everything we can to support and encourage those families that pursue foster care or adoption. In light of that commitment, and in response to the strong burden and oversight commitment from one of our supporters, the HOB Board of Directors unanimously voted to expand our mission to include adoption aid by providing assistance grants to adoptive families as God provides. HOB is not becoming an adoption agency, but we do have resources and staff members that can provide valuable help in getting families started. In keeping with our overall mission, we will only be helping families who have already made sacrificial commitments: we will be sharing the burden, not taking it. Ultimately God will be the provider to those who are called to adopt. As a ministry that shares His heart for orphans, it is simply our desire and joy to be a part of that work.