Haiti’s history is filled with challenges and the last year has been no exception.  On top of the pandemic, Haiti saw the assassination of its president, the following chaos of gang rule, an earthquake, and a tropical storm.  Amidst all of this, God continues to work through HOB and the Human Care School. 

The political unrest has minimal effect on Mare Rouge.  Most of that effect is economical as the violence stays around the big cities and highways.  So, 216 students returned after the lockdowns and completed the 2020-21 school year.  100% of the highest grade (called Philo) passed their graduation exam!  4 of those students received Upward scholarships and are pursuing trade training in a nearby city.  They joined 8 other boys in the Upward Scholarship program in Haiti which also celebrated a graduation this year.  Peterson Ambeau graduated in September with a 2 year degree in computer/IT. 

The celebrations also include an addition to the Veus family.  Meet Nathaniel, born in February to Edner and Rosena Veus, our partners in Mare Rouge, Haiti.  God is good!