The children of Kithianio, Kenya had no opportunity for quality education or life skills training until The Eagles Christian Academy was founded in 2016 by HOB partner Monica Muoki.  Now, the ECA has a new campus, new students, new teachers, and even more potential to reach the village of Kithianio.  Our team currently serves 86 students and their families with a goal of reaching 100 students by the beginning of 2022 with the addition of 6th grade. 

Please take a moment to watch the testimony of a parent.  The ECA provides good nutrition, quality education, and focused discipleship.  The smiles on the faces of these kids tell the story.  Kithianio is a dark place with little hope for those who grow up there.  But the ECA is providing that hope, the hope found in the love of Christ. 

In addition to the normal functions of ministry, Monica and the staff of the ECA keep up with the children and provide for many of their family needs.  Sometimes, they discover greater needs caused by abuse and neglect.  When they do, they jump into action.  Right now, Monica and HOB staff are working to relocate two of our girls when it was discovered that their home is filled with abuse.  They will soon be living in a Christian ministry a few hours away, safe and sound. Sometimes we find difficult situations in the family members of our students.  That was the case when we discovered that a rape led to the pregnancy of the sister to two of our students.  Though she is not a student, we hurt for her and brokenness that this horrible act has inflicted on her heart.  The offender is being prosecuted and she will go to live with one of our sister ministries that takes care of pregnant teens before and beyond the birth of their children.  Though the road is long, and her healing will take time, she now has hope for a better future and will learn how to walk this road with the help of Christ. 

God is at work and you can join in and change the life of a kid in rural Kenya!