Through the challenges of the pandemic, Heart of the Bride continues to serve almost 700 kids. Through our schools, we provide education, discipleship, life skills training, nourishment, and job training to 359 children in some of the poorest areas on the planet. Our community approach impacts local residents and families to effect change through the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our residence program meets those same needs while also providing a godly, loving family atmosphere to shape the hearts and lives of 26 orphaned children. And our outreach to street kids in Zambia continues to reach over 300 kids in Kitwe.

Despite the pandemic, the Lord has given us great opportunities for growth. Faithful giving has let to many stories like Bathsheba and Martha, a new school campus in Kenya, a property purchase in Zambia that will host an entirely new program for older street boys, and a new vision for ministry in India that will reach more people in Bangalore. Furthermore, doors opened for a new ministry that will reach thousands of children and families in crisis on the Emerald Coast region of Florida. All this will take more resources to accomplish in 2022.

$284,191 is what it will take to answer the needs God has put before us for 2022.