Chanda lived on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia for more than a decade.  His mother passed away when he was young and there was no one to take care of him.  He lived with an aunt for a short time but that wasn’t a good situation and he ended up on the streets.  Chanda can’t even remember what happened; years of drug abuse and trauma have stolen many memories. Sticka (a common inhaled drug) had also robbed him of hearing, eye sight, mental acuity, and left him shaking so violently that he had difficulty eating or doing anything that required fine motor skills. Because of his lack of coordination he was often hit by cares.  Our outreach team lived in fear of hearing that he had passed.

Because he was so faithful to our Learning Center programs, in 2022, our Outreach Team recommended him for intake into our Skills Training Center.  The idea was that, perhaps, he could gain enough strength to help out around the property and live there for the rest of his life in a “retirement” situation.  It was their only hope to save his life.  But God had other plans.

The only word they can use for Chanda’s progress is “miraculous.” After a year, Chanda’s shaking is gone.  He can eat and play corn hole with no problem.  He can think clearly and is learning about the gospel and life in Christ. He asks great questions about faith and life.  And, they are moving him into the skills training track.  He will learn a trade and how to live on his own.

Chanda is one of several stories like this.  God has greater plans for the older boys on streets of Kitwe.