Life for a girl on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia is tough.  It’s everything you’ve heard or imagined.  Abuse, prostitution, trafficking, rape; all of these things steal the souls of the girls who end up there.  Many of them live with no hope of a way out.  But there is hope.

Abba’s Heart Outreach meets with these girls once a week to forge relationships, show genuine love, and share the hope we can find in Christ.  They are also looking for girls who really want a way out.  That’s where this picture becomes even more beautiful.

This picture shows a recent mission team washing the feet of the street girls; a very tangible and humble way to show the love of Christ. But the best part of this picture is the girl standing on the right in the blue and white skirt.  Her name is Martha.  Just 4 years ago Martha would have been sitting in the chair.  She was a girl on the streets of Kitwe until she met Abba’s Heart Ministries and the Daughters of Destiny program.  She entered the program as one of our first resident girls.  Martha found hope and new life in Christ.  And now, she helps serve the girls on the streets and shows them that there is another way.

God is changing lives as only He can do.  Thank you for making this possible.

Brian Crisman,

Executive Director