Brian’s father felt hopeless with life in the Kenyan bush and took his own life.  Brian was the first to find him.

Brian joined the Eagles Christian Academy soon after this event in 2016.  He has always been a very quiet little boy with a sweet smile that was rarely seen.   But, after years of consistent loving care, Brian opened up to a teacher earlier this year, began to speak of his pain, and process what happened to him and his family.  Almost instantly, Brian started smiling and socializing with others.  The school administrator described him as “a brand new Brian.” On October 9, 2023, our Executive Director, Brian Crisman, had the privilege of baptizing Brian with 18 of his classmates.

God is doing a healing work in Brian’s life thanks to the constant loving care of the Eagles Christian Academy teachers.  Years of building a trusting relationship opened the way for Brian’s healing.  Trauma can be a wall to the gospel’s work in a child’s life.  The love of God’s servants can help children process their pain and make way for the healing work of Christ.

Many of our children carry similar pain that holds them back from new life.  Please partner with us and help us provide the path to healing and new life in Christ to children all over the world.