Saint Hebert grew up in a very poor part of Northwest Haiti.  While he is blessed to have two living parents, they were so poor that he had no hope of going to secondary school.  But his older sister lived near Heart of the Bride parter ministry, Human Care School (HCS).  He was accepted as a student in 7th grade and moved in with his sister so that he could attend.  Upon graduation in 2016, Saint Hebert earned an Upward scholarship from Heart of the Bride and studied tile work. After graduation, he discovered that construction was slow so he opened a school to teach tile work in a neighboring city.

Today, Saint Hebert lives in Mare Rouge while teaching and doing tile work.  He is a deacon in his church and preaches regularly. He is thankful for the good education and discipleship he received from the Human Care School.  Without this opportunity, Saint Hebert would not have had a chance for a productive, Christ honoring life.  Each year, 4 more boys graduate and enter trade school through HOB’s Upward Scholarship program.  Even with all of the chaos in Haiti, God continues to change lives through our partnership there.