Since the assassination of the Haitian President in July of 2021, Haiti has been a country in chaos. There continues to be little government and much of the country is under gang rule. However, God’s work continues through our partner and our students are determined to continue.  And there are successes to celebrate even in the chaos. 

Until 2007, Ronel, Voltaire, and Buco lived in an area with little opportunity for education.  The schools that did exist were out of reach financially. 

Then, God introduced Heart of the Bride to Edner Veus and his vision for a school offering high quality education, free tuition, and biblically based discipleship  

Today, the Human Care School hosts primary and secondary programs that consistently score among the top schools in the region in national testing.  Students are discipled in weekly chapel programs and in class study time.  Many are introduced to the Lord for the first time as they enter the school.  And there is a strong focus on preparing the students to thrive in life as mature disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Ronel, Voltaire, and Buco graduated from The Human Care School in 2020 and entered a two-year trade program in nearby Gonaives.  In August, they graduated and expressed their sincere thanks to Heart of the Bride and people like you who made it possible. In December, two more students will graduate in Port-au-Prince. 

Stories like these are made possible by the generosity of Believers who see the need and rise to meet it.