After 23 years of working mainly overseas, you might be surprised to know that Heart of the Bride is working in the Florida panhandle. In October of 2021, Heart of the Bride became the implementing partner for CarePortal on the Emerald Coast.  Since that launch, we have served 357 children in crisis and their families. 



CarePortal is an online platform used to connect child service agencies with churches to meet the needs of children and families in crisis.  With CarePortal, the Church can provide the wrap around care that foster families to need to care for vulnerable children and that bio families need to survive and thrive.  We work in prevention, care, and reunification because all children long for family. 

 A recent request posted for “Family Preservation.” A father had become recently unemployed and was desperately trying to provide for his wife and two kids, one of which was a newborn. The roof of their home had sustained heavy damage leading to a leak and the subsequent rot that follows here in northwest Florida. This made the home unsafe to live in but they had no other option. A local CarePortal response team answered the call and met some of their smaller needs while surveying the roof damage. The damage proved to be more than a typical response team could handle; however, news of the need made it to one of our church ambassadors who thought of calling a local roofing company. This local company agreed to provide a completely new roof free of charge and fixed much of the rot as well. Ongoing support is being provided to the family as the father seeks employment. This family is still together because their need was made known, and the church answered. 

Do you live on the Emerald Coast? You can keep a family in crisis together. You can help a foster family care for children in difficult situations. You can help a child in foster care be reunited with their biological family. 

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