For years, our missionaries and staff would pass Joe on the street and he would ask, “Is there something for us?”  Joe was an older boy who did not qualify for our residence program because he was beyond school age.  But his question sank deep into our staff and seemed to be more than just the ramblings of a kid on drugs.  Eventually, it became a passion for our staff birthed in the heart of God for His children – the older children of the streets of Kitwe. 

The challenges of a program like this would be unique.  It would need to be on a separate property. It would need to host two similar but unique programs: one for boys who can learn a trade and move out on their own, and those who are so far gone that they will a skill but still live on campus. That seemed like a lot to overcome. 

Then, in 2021, God gave us a piece of property. And I mean He really gave it. He provided the property and the money to purchase it. Then, earlier this year, He provided the people to meet the vision. While interviewing house parents for the current residence program, our staff discovered a couple with the skills and heart that were perfect for the new program. What seemed like a lot to overcome was nothing for God. 

And now, we have our first 6 boys on the property with intakes currently running for next year. Track one will teach the more challenged boys a trade and start a business for them to work in and help provide for their own care. Track two is a three-year track that will systematically focus on rehabilitation, training, and apprenticeship. We have boys in each track right now. 

These are our first 6 boys. Praise the Lord, He had an answer for Joe. There is something for them.