Sometimes, all you need is a picture.  Take a look at these girls in our Daughters of Destiny program in Kitwe, Zambia.  From the picture you would never guess that Mapalo and Naomi were rescued from the streets of Zambia.  We don’t share “before” pictures, but if we did, you wouldn’t see those smiles.  When we met them, their faces reflected pain, anger, and deep hurt. 

But now, one of our missionaries who works with them wrote this:  

This month we celebrated Naomi’s and Mapalo’s one year anniversary of being at our home for girls who lived in the streets. The redemption power of God’s grace in these 2 girls’ lives has been beyond anything we could have thought of or imagined. Yes, nothing short of a miracle. 

Earlier this month, the pastor asked if there was anyone who would like to give a testimony. Naomi raised her hand and spontaneously testified of the goodness of God in her life as well as the life of her brother “Bo-Bo” who is also in our residential program.  She began her testimony with these words, “When I lived on the streets…”. For those of us who work with children from the street, this 6-word confession, spoken in front of non-street peers and others, is hugely significant and powerful. In a nutshell, it means that the grip and the shame of that old life has been broken. (Isaiah 43:19; 2 Corinthians 5:17) You can see that in Naomi. Her attitude in everything, including her pursuit of God, is “no turning back”.  

The recent change we have witnessed in Mapalo is a “softening” of her heart.  This healing is evident in the fact that she has become more emotionally stable and has begun to admit her wrongdoings as well as ask for forgiveness for her wrongdoings without having to be prompted.  She sings more, laughs more, and just seems ‘settled.’ {Psalm 23:1-3)